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Get On The Floor Mp3 : Killing Floor Mut

Get On The Floor Mp3

get on the floor mp3

    get on
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get on the floor mp3 - Get on

Get on the Bus

Get on the Bus

The story of several men travelling together on a bus to the Million Man March in Washington, D.C.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: R
Release Date: 1-MAR-2005
Media Type: DVD

Prolific director Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X) offers the fictionalized account of the pilgrimages black men all across the country made to the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., and the process showcases a fine ensemble cast of eclectic actors. Shot in a fast-paced low-budget style, the film chronicles a bus trip beginning in Los Angeles and the passengers, all from vastly divergent ages, backgrounds, and beliefs, getting to know one another and discussing their respective reasons for making the trip. The group, including a gay couple, a father and his son, a cop, and an actor, each confront the hostilities and prejudices they have faced as well as the ones they hold within themselves. And along the road they encounter incidents that bring into sharp focus the need they feel to acknowledge their heritage and shared struggle. Frequently entertaining in its rapid pace and cutting dialogue, this small but ambitious effort is sure to provoke debate even as it entertains. --Robert Lane

84% (8)

Fopp Park Street Bristol

Fopp Park Street Bristol

Piles of empty CD cases lie scattered across the floor in what once was the Horsefair branch of Fopp. Meanwhile, across town, customers drink coffee in Whiteladies Road, where another Fopp used to be and browse through the latest trendy jeans in Park Street where they once browsed through the latest album releases.

Only a few years ago, there were more than five independent record shops in Park Street for music fans to choose from, now none remain since Fopp went into administration in June. Chris Farrell used to work at Replay in Park Street. He now works at Big Bob's Discount Discs in East Street, Bedminster, and these days hardly ever ventures over to where he once worked alongside other gone-but-not-forgotten record shops such as Imperial and Rayners.

He blames the high rents and change in people's music-buying habits as the reason for so many music shops in Bristol shutting down. "There used to be a real community spirit in all the record shops in Park Street," said Chris, 26, in between serving customers. "Now, you can have a hundred cafes, but if there is nothing on the road for people to go to, they are not going to stop at a cafe and drink coffee. There's nothing up there now, nothing up there for people like me.

"I think it's very sad. On Park Street, people used to ask us what's going on. People would meet up in the shop. There were fans of music beyond the bits of plastic they were selling. That was and is still very important." Chris, who is also a DJ and estimates he owns more than 3,000 records, remembers a time when people would drop into the music stores in Park Street just for a chat.

The independent stores across the city still have this community feel, but now mostly sell secondhand vinyl records to music fans who still love the feel, smell and sound of music on that format, as opposed to MP3 downloads played on your iPod. Oppo set itself up as a cafe-cum- record shop when it opened in Park Street in 2005, but earlier this year its new owners ripped out the small music section to create more stage space for live acts.

"The music section was a nice idea, but it did not really work," said Oppo general manager Luke Houghton, 21. "I never used to see anyone buy any music here. Now we have got a bigger stage and it's all going really well. It's a great place for live bands to play." While Park Street is now bereft of music stores, the Cheltenham and Gloucester Road areas have quite a selection. Only a few doors down from Plastic Wax is Rooted Records, and further up the Gloucester Road is Prime Cuts.

Chris Gumbleton, 22, of Rooted Records, thinks that his is the only independent store in Bristol selling new releases. Today, chart albums are stocked everywhere from Asda to Woolworths, and places like Rooted specialise in niche genres like drum and bass and the emerging dubstep scene.

"Gloucester Road is a great place to be," said Chris. "A lot of people around here like to shop locally. Most of the shops in Gloucester Road are still independent ones. "The closure of all the record stores on Park Street is a big shame. I think in part it's to do with downloads. But we're still doing all right here. We are into our music here, we have got quite a lot of regulars who we can recommend stuff too and that's what you lose with downloads.

"Dubstep is one of the reasons why we are still here. We have got a very healthy scene in Bristol. People making music can inspire and influence other people. And there are lots of nights that people can go to that we sell tickets for." The Bristol music scene is still healthy. Just a look at the Evening Post's listings pages shows how many bands play here every night of the week.

Virgin Megastore may soon be consigned to a distant memory and Fopp is no more, but independent record stores still serve a vital purpose in introducing people to fresh, new music, often on vinyl and free of corporate constraints.

That needs to continue, unless we want only to see music for sale next to the fruit and veg in supermarkets.

I Got Tagged

I Got Tagged

I got tagged.

1.I was on TV for a short time with Aled Jones when he played drums with a Led Zeppelin tribute band. Andy Warhol said everybody is Famous for 15 minutes and I used up 2 of mine with Aled Jones when I was drunk.

2.My other half Vesna is as daft as I am.

3.I played the drums in an Indy band for 14 gigs before getting kicked out for a better drummer. The music was great but not my thing so my mind would wander and I would forget where I was.

4.I love cake.

5.Cods Roe makes me throw up

6.I don’t have a drivers licence but I have driven some 3 ton dumper trucks on building sites. Great fun, not really a case of finding the biting point as ramming it in and holding on tight. I never got a long enough run to get out of second.

7.I once cut an artery and tendon in my hand which resulted in me spraying blood over the walls and ceiling of a newly painted office. They were not too happy about it but it was nothing compared to how I felt about the loss of a couple of pints of blood.

8.I love baking and cooking

9.I don’t like flying and will do anything to get out of it. I’m not afraid of flying I’m afraid of nose diving into the floor at 1000 miles an hour in a metal tube full of people’s farts.

10.I am completely addicted to coffee.

11.Around 1987 I worked on Penhow Castle for about twelve months. It’s supposed to be haunted but I never saw anything. I must admit, the few times I walked through the older parts of the castle on my own I found myself leaving a lot quicker than I went in.

12.When I’m board I write silly rimes. I have about 52 and have lost or given away an unknown amount.

13.I would quite happily eat a roast dinner every day.

14.I have never voted. What’s the point whoever gets in will screw you some how.

15.I don’t go anywhere without my I pod and backup MP3 player. I need music.

16.I love cake

I'm supposed to tag 5 other people now, any takers before I start?

get on the floor mp3

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