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Solid Wood Flooring

solid wood flooring

    solid wood flooring
  • Solid wood planks are cut out as solid block right from the tree. The wood blocks are then sawn into solid flooring planks with tongue and groove edges. The planks are then either pre-finished at the factory or placed into unfinished bundles of varying lengths.

  • Solid wood flooring is made from solid wood blanks that are run through a molding machine to create specific dimensions and at the same time tongues and grooves are molded into the flooring on all four sides. The tongues and grooves lock the flooring together upon installation.

solid wood flooring - 4 Gal

4 Gal DriTac 9100 Contractors Choice High Solids Wood Flooring Adhesive

4 Gal DriTac 9100 Contractors Choice High Solids Wood Flooring Adhesive

DriTac 9100 Contractors Choice High Solids Wood Flooring Adhesive is a Polymeric Resin that has been formulated for wet-lay installations. DriTac 9100 Contractors Choice is a professional grade adhesive that spreads easily and cleans up with a damp rag. Installers must lay wood into the adhesive immediately after troweling the adhesive. DriTac 9100 Contractors Choice has low VOC content, is fast grabbing and low in odor. It is designed for wetlay installation of multi-ply engineered plank, plain-back parquet (not foam back), 3/4" solid shorts, acrylic impregnated multi-ply engineered plank and acrylic impregnated plain-back parquet.

83% (17)

Florence Solid Wooden European Ash Flooring

Florence Solid Wooden European Ash Flooring

This Florence solid wood flooring is constructed like a traditional hardwood floor out of one piece of timber.
Each of the planks has bevelled edges (V Grooves) on all four sides resulting in very distinctive groove between the planks, adding more depth and dimension along with giving an individual definition to each plank.
The rustic grade of this ash hardwood floor is a very vibrant colourful floor full of character and excitement. The floor can display heavy grain markings, figuring, mineral streaks, colour variations, sapwood and frequent knots of varying sizes. Knot holes, checks splits and other imperfections are allowed, filled and finished.

Solid wood floor

Solid wood floor

Looks so beautiful (even if I do say so myself)!

solid wood flooring

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